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The (Im)Possible Goal: Rowing, Not Drifting, toward Cultural Unity in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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"Rowing, Not Drifting"


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The Grand Rapids Club of Negro Business and Professional Women would love your support at the viewing of the movie Hidden Figures, January 7, 2017 at 4:00 pm, Celebration Cinema South. Proceeds will benefit our scholarship program! Details.


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About the Grand Rapids Study Club...
The Grand Rapids Study Club is an active group of Grand Rapids area women and men who formed "to unite all efforts towards individual, home and community betterment through study and civic cooperation in all things which portends the advancement of all groups." The Grand Rapids Study Club has been in existence since 1901. Currently, the Club is dedicated to higher learning, through book scholarships granted to students pursuing post-secondary education. Grand Rapids Study Club members participate in the Annual Parade of Homes to raise funds for these scholarships.